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18 Sep, 2019

Hi Fellas!

I recently admired the full moon on the beautiful Cote d'Azur and I remembered that my friends always used to talk about when is the best time to fish the carp,  during the Full or New Moon. 

In fact, some years ago I made a research and it happened that the fishing is always very good couple of days before and after of the each lunar phase and on the day/night of the event itself. 

Basically, there are four moonphases: New Moon, First quarter, Full Moon and the Last quarter

For example, the last full moon was on the 13th September, so the best fishing would be on the 11,12,13,14 and 15th of September. Of course this statement is not scientifically approved but it is worth to check it out :)!

So, if anyone has other opinion or tried and prove this theory, you are welcome to share your experience!

And of course I am itching to share with you couple of photos that I took last week. 

Enjoy viewing! 

Your devoted fishaddict

21 Dec, 2019
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18 Sep, 2019
Fishing on the full moon